Why you need a Dual-WAN/Multi WAN Router

Dual WAN/ Multi WAN router is the term used to describe a router which is equipped with two-four WAN (Internet) ports and can be used to connect to two-four Internet connections. Like Cox/ Mediacom – Cable Internet, and CenturyLink – DSL Internet at the same time. HughsNet – Satellite Internet and AT&T – Cellular Internet are also 3rd and 4th fail-over options

This product is useful if Internet connection is very important to you and you have very low tolerance with Internet outage and do not want to rely on an Internet connection from a single ISP only.

Since there are two-four WAN ports, it can be used to connect to two-four different Internet connections from different ISPs at the same time with load balancing feature, so that you can enjoy greater bandwith and a more reliable Internet service.

If not, you can also configure first Internet connection as primary and the other as backup Internet connection, so that it will switch over to backup connection should the primary connection fails.

We install several different solutions for Multi WAN. Give us a call if we can help you!

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